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The Big Announcement Revealed!

My first novel, Flunky: Pawns and Kings debuts on on November 25, 2018. You can purchase it through Kindle or order a paperback.

Say hello to the bad guys—well at least the people who work for the underworld’s costumed villains; the anonymous thugs whose only role is acting as cannon fodder against the world’s mightiest heroes. However, things are about to change…

Every dog has its day – and every criminal has a good side.

Growing up with his friends Paul “Dizzy” Stevens and Ric Evans, life took a unique turn for Jason Storm. His peak was with the New York Yankees as their star pitcher, but after escaping New York City’s destruction on 9/11, his life took a detour through drugs, women and frequent brushes with the law. Paul and Ric had their own struggles, eking out a living as hired guns for the planet’s most dangerous costumed criminals.

Obsessed with the criminal underworld, Jason is reunited with his friends through the oddest of circumstances. When Jason starts dating the niece of superhuman crime lord The Cheshire Cat, he’s got a target on his back when The Cat’s rival, superhuman T-Rex, kidnaps Jason and his new squeeze. And now it’s up to Paul and Ric, tough but human flunkies in a world of super-villains, to save their lifelong friend.

Flunky is a unique and thrilling story about the power within all of us. In this captivating tale of crime and redemption, evil superpowers are no match for human loyalty because heroes don’t always wear capes… and they don’t always follow the rules.

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