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  • Michael W. Rickard II

Whitewash Jones. The Comic Book Industry’s Most Racist Character? Say What? Wednesday

Copyright 2020 by Michael W. Rickard II

I am thrilled to announce I am writing over at Pro Sports Extra, a site with a great variety of topics and with some of the best writers online. This is a tremendous honor and while I'll still be writing here, please check out my work there as well.

It’s time for the latest edition of “Say What?” Wednesday where I usually look at controversial comments made by celebrities, politicians, and anyone else in the public eye. This time around, I’d like to look at a cultural work so offensive that Marvel Comics addressed it in a comic book decades later. Comic books can be a great mirror of cultural values, but sadly, this mirror doesn’t always present a pretty picture. Case in point, the Golden Age comic book Young Allies which features arguably the most racist depiction of an African-American character in comic book history (although there are some other offensive candidates).

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