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Special Feature: The Greatest United States Heavyweight Champion of All Time Tournament: Round One M

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Originally presented at Canadian Bulldog's World.

It’s time for part eight of round one of The Greatest U.S. Champion of All Time Tournament, originally presented at Canadian Bulldog’s World. In case you’re just tuning in, this tournament includes the 21 greats who held Jim Crockett Promotions’ United States Heavyweight Championship, one of the most prestigious titles in the National Wrestling Alliance. The belt served as a stepping stone to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and became the focus of many top programs in JCP. The 21 different men who held the belt were either famous veterans or rising stars who eventually became legends. Which one of these stars is the greatest U.S. Champion of all time?

It's the battle of the bionic elbows!

The first-round matches are being held at the historic Charlotte Coliseum (now known as the Bojangles Coliseum) in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Charlotte Coliseum opened in 1955 and could hold 10,000-14,000 people, depending on the event. Bob Caudle and David Crockett will be calling the action for this round’s matches.

In our last match, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper scored the win when he and Tim “Mr. Wrestling” Woods accidentally butted heads, knocking each other out, but with Piper landing on top for the win. This round sees “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes taking on second-generation star Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Who will get the duke and advance to round two? Sit back and read the results. Keep in mind that the wrestlers working the matches are in the same physical condition they were when they held the U.S. Championship which means nearly every competitor is in their wrestling prime.

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