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  • by Michael Rickard II

Madison Square Garden Magic: The Pat Patterson vs. Sgt. Slaughter Alley Fight. Part One of Two.

Madison Square Garden has been home to some bloody brawls but they were a shadow of what happened on May 4, 1981 when Sgt. Slaughter and Pat Patterson wrestled (and I used that term loosely) in no holds barred bout known as the Alley Fight.

To understand what led to this match we need to go back to early 1981 in which Sgt. Slaughter was offering $5,000 to anyone who could break out of his Cobra Clutch submission hold. For weeks, Slaughter had been goading Pat Patterson into accepting the challenge, even upping the ante by offering $10,000 if Patterson could break the hold. Patterson told Slaughter that he was going to accept the challenge, but it would be at a time and place of his choosing.

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Originally presented at Canadian Bulldog's World.

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