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  • by Michael Rickard II

Lost in Lincoln: My 13-Days in England

Copyright (C) 2018 by Michael Rickard II

Sunday was upon me and I was ready for the big presentation. I’d spent several weeks creating a short film to present at the Monster Conference and now it was my day to present. As fate would have it, I wouldn’t have the option of taking a taxi to Bishop Grosseteste University and although the school was in walking distance, my poor sense of direction nearly led to me missing the conference. Fortunately, some foresight and a Good Samaritan helped me make it there in plenty of time.

The university was only a twenty-minute walk, but I didn’t want to take any chances. Unfortunately, Lincoln was holding a marathon and the road between where I was staying and the school was going to be closed off, preventing me from taking a taxi there. I gave myself two extra hours to walk as I’d be presenting at 9a.m. While I didn’t go down Lincoln’s longest hill, I took a wrong turn and started walking past Chippy’s Fish and Chips. I had a feeling I was going the wrong way.

It was still early in the morning so there weren’t many people up and about. I saw a homeless man stretched out in front of a convenience store as I walked past. While I know you can find street people anywhere, this was the first homeless person I’d seen in the U.K. Then I heard what sounded like a scream. I listened closer and looked up to see an open window (minus a screen as is the European style). A few seconds later, I realized the screams were merely part of a coital cacophony. I laughed and kept walking. It was good to know someone was enjoying some early morning action.

This was the street I was supposed to take.

After about two minutes, I figured I’d better ask for directions or I’d end up too far off the beaten path, just as I’d done Friday. I saw an older gentleman walking towards me and asked him if he knew where Bishop Grosseteste University was. He did and was kind enough to walk me towards the school. Along the way, I learned he was a telephone repairman who’d worked in Eastern Europe until his wife had taken ill, forcing him to return home for a lower paying job.

I made it to the school with plenty of time, so much I was even able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast (an English breakfast naturally). I made my presentation and seemed to get good feedback. Now you can check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave your comments.

All's well that ends well. Made my presentation on time.

Although I’d made my presentation, I still had a few days to enjoy in England. Join me next time as I look at downtown Lincoln and partake of afternoon tea.

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