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  • by Michael Rickard II

Wrestling's Long Hot Summer

While WrestleMania is the WWE's equivalent of the Super Bowl, summertime always meant something special for wrestling fans. For many younger fans, summertime meant no school and more time to tune in to wrestling and attend shows. For the truly lucky fans, the summertime meant outdoor shows, often star-studded affairs with some of the biggest matches possible (and in a promoter's eyes necessary to sell a larger venue).

I remember watching Jim Crockett Promotions every summer (until the WWF stole the TV spot, but that's another story for another time), and announcer David Crockett talking about the feuds going on at the time. Crockett predicted it was going to be a long hot summer and it felt like it as every week someone seemed to be jumping someone, stealing a title, or seeking revenge.

As the summer is upon us, I plan on looking back at some of wrestling's biggest events in the summertime, ranging from The Great American Bash to Toronto's Big Event to SummerSlam, a show seen by many WWE fans as second only to WrestleMania.

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